Fists... Out of Sockets

The Riot Before

Released: October 9, 2009

This was a digital-only release that is no longer available.

While comparisons to Gainesville powerhouse Against Me! have popped up at times, The Riot Before is not riding any coattails. They play the sort of punk anthem that is at once catchy and different. Their anthems are politically charged, but not overbearingly so.

"As a whole, Fists...Out of Pockets is an enjoyable listen for anyone even vaguely familiar with the band. The more straightforward covers are certainly worth a few listens thanks to Adams's dynamic voice and poetic lyrics." -


  1. Fist Buried In Pockets
  2. Threat Level Midnight
  3. 5 to 9
  4. You Can't Sext Dance to Punk Rock
  5. Words Written Over Coffee
  6. Capillaries

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