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Agree or disagree with me but as the digital age of music comes ripping in I find myself missing the art. I miss holding the record, I miss reading every single lyric printed and every name on the thanks list.

Paper + Plastick started for the bands that still love visual art to go with the music they put out and for the artists that use their creative energy to produce a backdrop of art for record covers, tshirts, screen printed posters and every other facet of a band visually besides the music.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers:

Q: Who do I contact if my order is taking longer than expected or doesn’t show?
A: All orders typically take up to 10 business days to process and ship. If it’s been an unreasonable amount of time and you HAVE NOT received a shipping notification, please contact customer[at]paperandplastick[dot]com.

Once an order has shipped, you will be sent an email notification. We offer tracking on all domestic orders, so if you are a US customer and feel that USPS has lost your order, contact customer[at]paperandplastick[dot]com. For international customers, please note that we have no control over your customs department but we’ll be happy to help look into the situation!

Q: What do I do/ who do I contact if: I get the wrong color of vinyl, wrong vinyl, CD, t-shirt, t-shirt size, etc?
A: customer[at]paperandplastick[dot]com

Q: I received my order, but it was damaged. Who do I contact about getting a replacement?
A: Please send a picture of the damages to customer[at]paperandplastick[dot]com. We usually have no problem issuing a replacement if it's still in stock.

Q: Something terrible has happened and I would like a refund.
Welp. As a store policy, we don't issue refunds. There are times we will make a special exception. We will be happy to issue you a store credit. Please email customer[at]paperandplastick[dot]com.

Q: I want to bitch to someone about something to get it off my chest.
A: Okay, Internet kid! Just email pat[at]paperandplastick[dot]com. That's what he's there for, kinda.

Q: Who can I contact if I have some general questions about Paper + Plastick or the web store?
A: For all general questions contact thomas[at]paperandplastick[dot]com

Q: What do I do if the web store doesn’t have what I want (or) the item is sold out?
A: If an item is sold out in our webstore, it doesn’t necessarily mean it doesn’t exist. Check distros such as No Idea Records and Rev HQ. Check DeadFormat or check under your friends' beds. If you still can't find it, chances are you goofed and it's been completely sold out. Dummy.

Q: Why do I give you my email and will you give it out to other companies?
A: All digital downloads are sent via email, it just makes sense. No, we won't give it out. We don’t even know how to do that. Maybe if you're being a dick.

Q: I have a band, how do I get Paper + Plastick to give us a listen?
A: Send a digital press kit to vincent[at]paperandplastick[dot]com, as well as a bio, photo, and any other pertinent information. Please do not send 500000 emails asking if we’ve received or listened to your album. One is enough. If we dig it, we’ll contact you.

Q: I work with/own a press outlet and would like to be added to your press list.
A: Please contact exit384media[at] gmail [dot]com. This will also apply if you wish to review or interview or make out with any of our bands. Or our employees.

Q: I want to license some songs from one of your bands, who do I contact?
A: Jim[at]paperandplastick[dot]com is our award-winning licensing guru.

Q: I want to purchase one of your releases from my local record store, but i did not see it. What gives?
A: Tell them you’d like for them to start carrying our releases! All our distro is handled through No Idea Records.

Q: I really want to work for P+P! How can I submit my resume?
A: We currently have no openings. You can always submit your resume at anytime for us to keep on file. Please send to vincent[at]paperandplastick[dot]com. We accept one or two interns a year and you can send your resume to the same email. Internships aren't paid so don't ask.

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