Richmond, Virginia is one of the major strongholds for punk on the east coast of the United States. It was only natural that Landmines would form there in the fall of 2005. Already staples in the Richmond punk scene, the timing was just right for them to all get together and start a new project. The band's goals are simple: To share their music with people while managing to not go broke in the process.

Always humble, Landmines might shrug at their ongoing comparison to the likes of other hometown heroes Avail and Strike Anywhere. However, their influences come from a place that one might not suspect. They have also been inclined to take a page out of the books of Hot Water Music, Verbal Assault, The Bouncing Souls, Fifteen and Jawbreaker. This combination created a sound that is at once passionate, personal, political, melodic, relevant, fast and fun. With the creation of their limited release demo CD on Pop Faction Records in 2006, they quickly garnered the attention of Vinnie Fiorello the founder of Paper + Plastick Records. The band's debut self-titled full length was the first release for the fledgling label and it does not disappoint.

Recorded by Brian McTernan at his Salad Days studio (Hot Water Music, Texas is the Reason, Bane, Strike Anywhere, The Loved Ones), the production is loud, punchy and not overly clean. With a considerable amount of touring under their collective belt, they've already had the opportunity to share the same stage with the likes of The Gaslight Anthem, Smoke or Fire, American Steel, Tim Barry, Polar Bear Club, Small Brown Bike, Seaweed and Less Than Jake. With future plans to record an EP for Paper + Plastick and sights on a tour of Europe, Landmines does not look like it'll be slowing down anytime soon. There is no reason the band should. It is doing exactly what the members want to do: playing music they are passionate about with some best friends.

Out now exclusively on Paper + Plastick Records, Landmines bring you the highly anticipated album "Commerce and Marx."
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